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Mark M.
2d ago

They arrived on time, were clean and professional and did amazing work. I will definitely hire them again. The work they did around the doors and windows make it look like a brand new home!

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How Kurt Ozbey Got His Start

Kurt Ozbey got started in construction and handyman services at an early age of 13. His father needed a shed. And the only place to build it was on a steep OVERGROWN hill. Nonetheless, he handed him some tools and told him to get to work. Much to his fathers surprise he came back a few days later and the shed was not only completed but getting great reviews from the neighbors, they wanted to hire Kurt to build their own shed!  

The Founder on His First Job
Kurt's first project at age 13

Letter from Kurt

Latest Accomplishment

The passion that Kurt put into that first project has continued to this day. Kurt enjoys meeting with customers, monitoring the jobs and doing the work. Kurt paid his own way through college and graduate school using his construction skills. Kurt's latest construction achievement is building his first single family home. LunasViewatTheMountainTop.com. It is a very energy efficient green house utilizing geothermal heating and cooling.  Built out of concrete (up to the roofline)  yet made to look like a frontier era farmhouse. Based on the rave reviews from people staying there it can be said his first house is a success!

Kurt is looking forward to working with any project you have.

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Single family home Inside of home Back yard of home Inside of single family home Outside of home Bedroom inside home

Kurts first single family home he built. Completed August 2014.

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Our Last 8 Jobs

Kitchen: Completed 6/15/2016

Took a standard 40 year old kitchen with separate dining room and turned it into a modern open kitchen with soapstone counters, island, and farmhouse sink.

Sue's Kitchen Entance to Sue's Kitchen

"My kitchen looks amazing Kurt and his team took a bland 40 year old closed in kitchen and turned it into a spectacular open kitchen with a farmhouse sink, island and all modern appliances. What a difference a few weeks can make. While we were doing the kitchen we had issues with the cabinet company and there was a delay. I had them finish my basement during the delay. Kurt and Crew were skilled, answered all my questions, talked to me daily about the progress and kept me informed. What a great experience I had with Masters and will happily refer them to friends and family."
-Sue P., Alexandria, VA Listing

Drywall / Painting / Plaster Repair: Completed 6/10/2016

Plumber did major damage to walls/ceiling. We came in and repaired and painted it bringing it back to normal.

"After a pipe burst and the plumber came to fix it by tearing through some walls, I needed to hire a good plaster contractor. To add insult to injury, the plumber had caused a leak that created a large spot in the ceiling that needed fixing as well. Kurt and his crew did not disappoint. They were on time, professional, and very good about covering floors and others areas with plastic so any dust wouldn’t spread. I highly recommend him and would use him in the future."
-Kenny A., Washington D.C. Brookland Listing

"Kurt and his team did an outstanding job. They installed new drywall and plaster on several of our walls and ceiling after a plumbing disaster (part of which was caused by an incompetent and dishonest plumber will review that soon). They also painted the walls and moved furniture back in place for us without being asked. His team was neat, respectful, efficient and meticulous. My house looks better than new and I would recommend Master’s to anyone."
-Laura, Kenny's Wife

2 Doors, 11 windows, 1 bath fan, 1 security door upgrade, 1 chimney crown and cap installation: Completed 6/5/2016

Carrie purchased a fixer upper vs. buying a flipped house due to the stories she has been hearing about problems with the flipped homes and
the high cost of them. She wanted to do the work herself and was ready to work with contractors to get the work done.

"Kurt and his crew replaced my back door, front door and all my windows. He also installed metal bars on the windows more susceptible to break ins. He also installed a security upgrade on my back door so one one can reach around and unlock my security door. I found Kurt to be reliable ,
efficient in his work and very skilled. When the security upgrade wasn’t exactly perfect he had his guy redo the metal bracket so it was perfect. I enjoyed working with Kurt and Masters Construction and will be using them again as i do more work on my fixer upper."
-Carrie W., Washington, D.C Brookland Listing

Popcorn removal / Drywall skimming / Painting: Completed 5/28/2016

Andrew and his wife bought a new condo and wanted the popcorn application removed and finished from their ceilings. Wanted additional holes patched and repaired. Painted ceilings once popcorn removed.

"I wanted to thank your for the great job removing the popcorn ceilings , painting and prepping the walls in my new condo. You were able to fit me into your schedule and do it within my time frame and budget. I asked for a few additional items and you took care of them at a very reasonable cost. Thank you Masters and Kurt Ozbey for taking care of this project. Looking forward to talking with you about the kitchen project next."
-Andrew E., Arlington, VA Listing

Parking pad install in back yard/ large volume dirt removal/masonry wall/ gate install on new parking pad: Completed 5/25/2016

Have house in brookland neighborhood with no parking. Needed to dig out back yard to install parking pad with stone base driveway for good drainage. Build retaining walls with steps on either side to provided structural support of remaining yard. Installed gate on back fence to allow car in.

Anna's Wall and Gate Anna's Steps

"Kurt and his team worked through incredibly bad weather and were consistent in their efforts to get our job done. They aquired the permits to do the job then got to work. I am not sure anyone else could have stuck to the job the way Kurt did with all the rainy days we had this spring. The end result is amazing. We can now park a car in our back yard where we could not before. I also had Kurt install shelving and paint my house.
He is extremely good at what he does and have been continuing to use him on other projects."
-Anna D., Washington, D.C. Listing

Parking pad install / Paver install in back yard making it a weed free grilling area and parking pad. A new gate Installed that allows a car to drive into back yard: Completed 5/20/2016

Had an overgrown, unusable back yard and it was turned into a zero maintenance back yard with 12 inch concrete pavers where you can set up a table, grill and now park a car in the back. Perfect for parties or entertaining.

John's Parking Pad John's Parking Pad

"I have used Kurt and Masters construction (as well as my neighbors) for years. They have completely redone my hall bathroom with great results and thus had no hesitation using them for our back yard project. He has completed at least 5 or 6 projects for us or our neighbors. Prior to Kurt installing our back yard pavers he had installed fencing for four of our neighbors including us. We had him install a 10 foot gate in the back in
anticipation of our backyard paver project where we can now park a car in the back of our house where we could not do that before. Kurts’ work is exceptional. He is careful, thoughtful and executes the project well. We have a party in July and we needed to have the paver project complete prior to that time. He finished well prior to our deadline. Our pavers look amazing. Looking forward to other project with Kurt."
-John H., Washington, D.C. Listing

Plaster repair / water line pipe replacement / painting / plaster work / Light fixture hanging: Completed 5/15/2016

"I found Kurt Ozbey and Masters Construction on Yelp. We had various issues with our drywall and water infiltrating our walls and damaging our drywall. I found Kurt and his team to be on time, on budget and efficient. Once we found the source for the water in the kitchen they were even able to repair the copper water line. We were so happy we had them back to re route wires, down spouts and cables so we can have an awning installed in our back patio. Top notch all the way!! I can confidently recommend them to others and I won’t hesitate to use them again."
-Tony S.

New door install in front of house. Door was a slab with no frame they picked up a used door place. We hung it in a frame and install it where the old storm door was installed.: Completed 5/12/2016

"Took a standard 40 year old kitchen with separate dining room and turned it into a modern open kitchen with soapstone counters, island, and farmhouse sink."
-Jen D.

Lora R.

7d ago

Kurt was extremely responsive and flexible.
His team started the project on time and finished quickly.
Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the quality of the work done and the pricing.

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